12/14/14 FOHS Farm Report

In a very AHL heavy episode of the Farm Report, Scotty talks about how Mikhail Grigorenko is adjusting to his slumps in his tenure with Rochester and how he will work to break out of it. The Utica Chamber of Commerce is betting on the the Comets staying in town and with helpful words from Trevor Linden, it's best for new businesses to go ahead and keep building in downtown Utica. Jason Akeson is going to try to build his resume more in order to get back to Philadelphia as he didn't expect to be in Allentown, much like how TJ Brennan didn't expect to go from Long Island to Rockford-- but mentally, he knows how to adjust. All that, plus a couple of milestones this weekend, a contract extension for a coach, and We Hardly Knew Ye.

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