09/07/14 FOHS Farm Report

The schedules are all out for every minor league, so you can go ahead and plan your road trips. However, there are some that are not happy about it at all and are letting others know about-- and we'll let you know about it. While Winnipeg has re-upped with St. John's for another year, there seems to be competitors with Thunder Bay on a possible destination closer to the Jets to call-up prospects-- we'll talk about that. The city of Elmira now owns their own team-- we'll talk about what that means to them and how cool their arena is. Also, speaking of cool arenas, we'll talk about the new PPL Center, Shannon Szabados re-signing in Columbus, the CHL getting....stronger?? Plus, We Hardly Knew Ye.

Also, if you want a link to the blog-- here it is: FOHSFarmReport.Wordpress.com

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