This week, the boys will talk about how the NHL and NHLPA achieve six more years of CBA goodness-- including the NHL players back into the Olympics. They'll also chat about how the NHL will have six games a day in the new Hub City format and what that could do for people's work rate during the day. Lindy Ruff is a coach again, fantasy Jack Eichel news, and what teams will need to do with salary under the new CBA with Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey.

This week, the boys talk about the wackiness that went down at the NHL Draft Lottery and why an unknown team being picked isn't necessarily the worst thing for the league or Alexis Lafreniere. TheScore has another list that makes us mad-- this time for sports characters in movies. Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey will talk about the CBA extension that's being worked on and players that may opt out. All that, plus the new name for the Seattle Arena, Hub City news, and a new lineage may be decided for HHFY!!

This week, the boys are joined by NBC Sports' Sean Leahy to talk about the recent Hall of Fame inductees, as well as their memories of adventure in of NHL Draft trips past. Jon and Scott will also go ga-ga over the Maryland Black Bears new uniforms, while Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey will come on to talk all that, as well as Hub Cities and the people who want them.

This week, the boys focus on the absolute demolition of the Buffalo Sabres front office and why it probably won't matter much. They'll discuss the idea of Jack Eichel leaving before his no-move clause kicks in, the trust issues, and Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey will lament on the ownership issues and why it'll matter going forward. All that, plus some news on the AHL's Return to Play, the NAHL getting new teams, and the Monastery of the Loaves of Bread and how it pertains to Pavel Datsyuk.

This week, the boys talk about the opening of Phase 2 for the NHL and players getting together in small groups. They'll discuss also how the NHL could get back on the usual October-start track, but then run into the delay of other leagues if it's not possible. Jack Eichel is still mad about the Sabres issues, but he talked to the coach and GM and they're mad, too-- issue solved...not really. All that, plus we'll talk about a new hockey cartoon, an old hockey video series, and Alan Jackson's discography?? Sure, why not.

With what's going on in the world today, the boys talk about the world around them, racial inequality, and whether or not teams and players HAVE to say something about world issues due to social media pushing them to do something they aren't well-versed on. There's some hockey talk as Alabama-Huntsville kept their team, their coaches resigned, and we talk how long they can keep their team. Also, the Golden Knights unveils the Silver Knights and maybe Jack Eichel has had it in Buffalo.

This week, the Boys will talk about the NHL's road map to return for the 2019-20 season...if it doesn't all blow up in their face. They'll trying to look at the slide that the NHL presented during the reveal party and then try to make sense of the Draft Lottery process and how absurd it actually is. On top of that, a little look at the University of Alabama-Huntsville issue, as they fight to stay alive...again. Also, as part of the Patreon Pick, they'll talk about the bevy of old shows, bits, and other things in the 18.5-year history of the podcast because...well, not much else to discuss.

This week, the boys put on another Game Show Wednesday full of roster games to really keep your mind going and get you laughing with how forgetful we are. We're joined by Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey and our buddy AJ to take on these four rounds sure to make you yell out into the ethos with the right answer. We'll also talk about our favorite board games growing up as kids, as well as talking about the Hub Cities that are out there, the odd name for Toronton's NWHL team, and more!!

This week, the boys look at the idea of the Colorado Avalanche going back to their Nordiques roots in some sort of BS cash grab, while also looking at probably the worst jersey list of all-time. They take a look at what's to come for the NHL with all the waiting going on, as well as why Arizona isn't going to be a choice for some reason. All that, plus proposed methods of keeping players safe when play is back on, the LA Kings not renewing their AGM, the AHL shuttering and what that could mean for the future and much more.

This week, the boys talk about the hub city they thing would be the best part, while Mike Dolan jumps on for his doom-and-gloom thought about not only the NHL-- but all of team sports in 2020 when it comes to the virus of corona. Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey joins to talk about the Draft and what'll look like, the idea of anyone caring, and more.

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