This week, the boys talk a look at the new coach for the Washington Capitals, the old coach of the Florida Panthers, and the new GM for the Coyotes?? Also, they'll get into the affiliation changes so far, why they were made, and if there will be a minor league season. all that, plus Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey will be on to talk about the trade of Eric Staal to the Sabres, the Jonas Brodin contract, and a conspiracy lawsuit against almost every hockey league?? Radio

This week, the boys talk about the one bubble left in the NHL playoffs and what's going on there. They'll also see if there's any kind of way that the NHL teams can stop recycling the same coaches in and out. We'll Opt-In/Opt-Out on Pierre McGuire as a future executive in any hockey league, talk about the Capitals coaching prospects, while Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey will talk about the Penguins situation in goal and defense.

This week, the boys talk about the Hockey Diversity Alliance and their request for the NHL in helping support minorities moving forward. They'll also discuss the round-about of coaches that have been happening, the playoffs, what 2020-21 may look like, and updates about hockey's return to play in the state of Maryland and what it could mean for the leagues that play out of here.

This week, the boys take a look at the happenings of the sports world this day, what the NHL did/didn't do, and the fallout. They'll also chat about the Washington Capitals ditching their coach for something better, a possibility of a 31-team bubble with multiple sites, and Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey joins to bet against inanimate objects for the 2nd round.

This week, the boys talk about a big elimination day in the NHL Bubble as the first round starts to come to a close for most team. Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey will be on to help with what the eliminate teams, as well as talk of Tuukka Rask's exit of the bubble and what his future could look like in the NHL. All that, plus Alaska-Anchorage losing their college team after this year, families in the bubble, and remember the underrated career of Dale Hawerchuk.

This week, the boys get into the idea of a permanent 24-team playoff and how it could be a logistical nightmare when all is said and done and why it should be like the World Cup. They'll also talk with Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey about which eliminated team's exit interviews were the most damning. Plus, the Rangers won the Draft Lotto, but will Alexis Lafreniere fit?? They'll make him fit.

This week, the boys talk about their impression with the first few days of Bubble Hockey, as well as the line between what makes a player a pest and an outright scumbag. Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey will come on to talk about what the New York Rangers are to do now, how early is too early for Seattle expansion draft mocks, and more!!

This week, the Boys are not in the bubble, but will talk a little about the bubble itself and how it looks so far. It's a tradition like no other, Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey makes his play-in picks against The Orb, The Donkey Coin, and the Fortune Cookie. They'll also talk about the Coyotes' GM situation, plus-- can't leave out the Seattle Kraken.

This week, it's a Jon and Scott show with Jonny celebrating another year on the planet. They'll talk about the Play-In Match-ups and the ones they like to see, Jeremy Roenick's latest lawsuit to maybe make him endearing to someone, and Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey jumps on to talk about the teams that opposed the CBA and Return to Play while the boys give their opinions about the new Seattle team that'll be announced this week.

This week on the show, the boys talk about teams going back to their original brands with the Ottawa Senators going back to their first set of jerseys. Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey will be on to talk about goal-songs, Brock Boeser trade rumors, and to talk about Marc's Twitter gold from a decade ago. All that, plus fans filming their cheering for the bubble, Awards talk, and more.

This week, the boys will talk about how the NHL and NHLPA achieve six more years of CBA goodness-- including the NHL players back into the Olympics. They'll also chat about how the NHL will have six games a day in the new Hub City format and what that could do for people's work rate during the day. Lindy Ruff is a coach again, fantasy Jack Eichel news, and what teams will need to do with salary under the new CBA with Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey.

This week, the boys talk about the wackiness that went down at the NHL Draft Lottery and why an unknown team being picked isn't necessarily the worst thing for the league or Alexis Lafreniere. TheScore has another list that makes us mad-- this time for sports characters in movies. Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey will talk about the CBA extension that's being worked on and players that may opt out. All that, plus the new name for the Seattle Arena, Hub City news, and a new lineage may be decided for HHFY!!

This week, the boys are joined by NBC Sports' Sean Leahy to talk about the recent Hall of Fame inductees, as well as their memories of adventure in of NHL Draft trips past. Jon and Scott will also go ga-ga over the Maryland Black Bears new uniforms, while Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey will come on to talk all that, as well as Hub Cities and the people who want them.

This week, the boys focus on the absolute demolition of the Buffalo Sabres front office and why it probably won't matter much. They'll discuss the idea of Jack Eichel leaving before his no-move clause kicks in, the trust issues, and Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey will lament on the ownership issues and why it'll matter going forward. All that, plus some news on the AHL's Return to Play, the NAHL getting new teams, and the Monastery of the Loaves of Bread and how it pertains to Pavel Datsyuk.

This week, the boys talk about the opening of Phase 2 for the NHL and players getting together in small groups. They'll discuss also how the NHL could get back on the usual October-start track, but then run into the delay of other leagues if it's not possible. Jack Eichel is still mad about the Sabres issues, but he talked to the coach and GM and they're mad, too-- issue solved...not really. All that, plus we'll talk about a new hockey cartoon, an old hockey video series, and Alan Jackson's discography?? Sure, why not.

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