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09/27/17 Face Off Hockey Show

We're a week away from the opening of the NHL season, but off-ice news has everyones ear. We'll talk about all that and get Spector's Hockey Lyle Richardson's (a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces) take on all the stuff that's surrounding the anthem. Plus, we'll look back at the 1999 All-Star Game, the Flames' pitch for a new arena, and much more.

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09/20/17 Face Off Hockey Show

This week, the boys go on about the new face-off violations, Matt Duchene doesn't seem happy to be in Colorado at training camp, no new smaller chest protectors for goalies, and how does voting really work for the NHL Awards?? All that, plus we'll talk to city of Calgary's arena proposal, new extensions for some players, and other wackiness.

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09/13/17 Face Off Hockey Show

This week, we talk about the arena issues in Calgary and Ottawa. Some PTO mentions, some injuries, and we banter about the Over/Unders on all the teams, plus info about some free agents still floating out there.

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This week, Jen (@NHLHistorygirl) and Scotty (@scottywazz) get their training camp legs on, as they talk about tales from training camps past and present. What players did in the early days to the absurd amount that goes on today. All the travels, all the gimmicks, all the stories. Follow the show on Twitter: @SdrstromBubble

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Tonight looks like a Jon and Scott show ... but could there be guests?!  You'll have to watch to find out:

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