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06/26/19 Face Off Hockey Show

We have some trades, some retirements, some re-signings, the HOF has new members, and Scotty is back from his time at the NHL Draft weekend.  All that, and maybe some other things ... let's see how Google can mess up the show this week:



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06/19/19 Face Off Hockey Show

It's NHL Draft week ... I think or something.  Hockey is over, we're starting at 7:30pm EDT, and trades are coming in fast and furious... almost too fast and too furious, but that doesn't come out for a couple more years.  Come join us for the off season!

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06/12/19 Face Off Hockey Show

The Capitals reign, as Stanley Cup Champions, will end tonight ... Game 7 between the Bruins and Blues starts mid-show.  Come join us for a part of the game ... you're just sitting around waiting to see the Stanley Cup anyway.  Live Link:

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Ok ... @JonnyP99 is back from England, and @scottywazz never left, so it's a Jon and Scott show!  @SpectorsHockey will be here too, I'm sure.  Let's see if Youtube works for us tonight ... come join us:

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