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07/24/19 Face Off Hockey Show

Well ... here goes nothing.  New setup, new encoder, new audio ... and still live!  I'm sure we'll talk about hockey, and other things.  Come join us, and see if this works out.  What could go wrong


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07/17/19 Face Off Hockey Show

Tonight ... it's more summer time Face Off Hockey Show.  @JonnyP99 has to show off his jerseys, and there's a second rink at Piney Orchard!  Come join us, as we get one week closer to game show night:

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07/10/19 Face Off Hockey Show

We're counting down the days to when @youtube destroys Hangouts, and makes everything way harder for people to stream content.  Until then, let's do that summer thing!  Come join us:

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There is a lot of soccer on tap this weekend, and it's 4th of July weekend ... but we have free agency to talk about, an offer sheet, and probably some beverages to drink.  Come join us!

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