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This week, the boys will talk about how the NHL and NHLPA achieve six more years of CBA goodness-- including the NHL players back into the Olympics. They'll also chat about how the NHL will have six games a day in the new Hub City format and what that could do for people's work rate during the day. Lindy Ruff is a coach again, fantasy Jack Eichel news, and what teams will need to do with salary under the new CBA with Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey.

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This week, the boys focus on the absolute demolition of the Buffalo Sabres front office and why it probably won't matter much. They'll discuss the idea of Jack Eichel leaving before his no-move clause kicks in, the trust issues, and Lyle Richardson of Spector's Hockey will lament on the ownership issues and why it'll matter going forward. All that, plus some news on the AHL's Return to Play, the NAHL getting new teams, and the Monastery of the Loaves of Bread and how it pertains to Pavel Datsyuk.

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